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The Quartzsite Fire District is committed to serving the community with the primary purpose of saving life and property. We will accomplish this through constant training and always looking for new methods to better perform the tasks at hand.We will respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year without exception, in an effort to accomplish our goals.

It is part of our mission to give the fire district, and those who pass through it, the best service that is available whether it is paid or volunteer. We provide these services for the safety of those in need, and the safety of the Emergency Responder by Training, Equipment, Facilities, Leadership, and Support to our Members. We achieve our Mission and purpose through the cooperation of the Public and with the dedication of our selfless volunteers.

This website is intended to assist the general public in understanding more about our fire district and to provide valuable information.

Call 911

- Give Your Address
- Give Your Name
- Tell Them Your Emergency
- Wait For Instructions
- Always Hang Up LAST !!!

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